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Human-Data Interaction Through Design

A CHI 2021 workshop

What’s the workshop about?

Human-Data Interaction (HDI) is a new and vibrant topic that is much relevance to HCI. You can read more about HDI over here, but the idea is built around three tenets: legibility, agency and negotiability.

What we want to achieve through the workshop is map and understand the current research challenges around HDI. Through this understanding we want to lay the foundations for a productive research programme for HDI going forward, clarifying its role in the broader HCI zeitgeist, and helping the movement mature so it can be applied effectively to today’s (and tomorrow’s) complex socio-technological challenges.

How can I take part?

To participate we invite you to submit a two-page position paper (there is also the option to attend without writing a full paper - keep reading). The paper should discuss an example (or speculation around) HDI. Suggested themes include:

If you would prefer to not write a ‘paper’ but would like to attend, that’s fine, but we ask that you use our application form to describe your interest around HDI’s current challenges and opportunities.

The main thing you need to do is fill out the application form.

As is usual with these things, in order to attend you will need to have registered for at least one day of the conference and as part of your conference registration you need to choose our workshop.

When is it happening? What is CHI? Why am I here?

The workshop will be happening at the 2021 edition of the CHI conference (between 8 May and 13 May). “CHI” is a leading conference for professionals and researchers in the field of Human-Computer Interaction. We anticipate that most people who would want to come to the workshop will already know what CHI is, but, anyone is welcome to apply to attend.

Remember, you can access the full proposal here.