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Organiser biographies

Dr. Neelima Sailaja

Neelima Sailaja is a Research Fellow at the Horizon Digital Economy Hub at the University of Nottingham where she studies the socio-technical implications of personal data use in media experiences, particularly technological responses to these challenges. In doing so, she employs HDI, HCI, ethics and design, exploring ideas around personalisation, artificial intelligence, data privacy and trust. In this work, which has also recently received formal support from the HDI-network, she works closely with BBC teams working on next generation media experiences, studying and developing data-sensitive responses, work processes and best practice guidelines which informs industry and policy in this changing scape.

Dr. Joseph Lindley

Joseph Lindley is a Research Fellow at the Imagination Lancaster research lab where his work promotes the use of Design Research to explore and understand the social implications of emerging technologies. His recent research utilised Design Research in order to apply Human-Data Interaction principles to contemporary AI systems. He is a member of the ACM Future of Computing Academy, contributes to the IEEE Working Group for Responsible AI Licensing, and recently co-authored a report for the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council on AI and Data.

Dr. Lachlan Urquhart

Lachlan Urquhart is a Lecturer in Technology Law at the University of Edinburgh and Visiting Researcher at Horizon Digital Economy Hub, University of Nottingham. He has an interdisciplinary background in Computer Science (PhD) and Law (LL.B; LL.M) where his main research interests are human computer interaction, ubiquitous computing, data protection and cybersecurity. He has engaged in previous research looking at bridging the ‘realisation’ gap between laws like the GDPR and their practical inclusion within data driven technologies and seeks to explore this further through HDI.

Prof. Derek McAuley

Derek McAuley is a Professor of Digital Economy in the School of Computer Science at the University of Nottingham and Director of Horizon Digital Economy Research, an interdisciplinary research institute funded through the RCUK Digital Economy programme. He acted as Specialist Advisor to the House of Lords European Union Committee into online platforms, and Chief Innovation Officer during the founding of the Digital Catapult in the U.K.. Being one of the key contributors to the foundational theory behind HDI, he seeks to further this agenda by identifying methods of translating this concept to tangible responses within everyday technologies.

Ian Forrester

Ian Forrester is a Senior ‘Fire-Starter’ Producer at BBC R&D. His engagement with the implications of personal data use in media has been long and diverse. He had invested in several industry initiatives around this theme both within and outside the BBC including a video series showcasing the views of BBC staff members to the turn towards personal data use, implications of this shift and potential responses. He has, on several occasions brought together industry and academic research to produce provocations and solutions that could intervene in this area, which have been showcased at prestigious national and international venues. He would be leveraging this extensive knowledge base to provide solid examples of HDI inclusion within media technologies and extend the impact of this agenda, particularly within industry circles.

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