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Clarification On Accessibility

The conference is committed to accessibility and our workshop is no exception.

If you have any accessibility requirements or concerns please can you let us know about them so we can explore making adjustments to accommodate your needs. These is a space to do this on the application form.

As discussed in our proposal, we would like to use the video conferencing platform Gather Town along with the collaboration tool Miro to facilitate the workshop.

We are aware these pose some accessibility challenges such as were experienced at the UBICOMP2020 conference), however we are confident we can find rewarding and viable work arounds to those challenges.

If you do have specific accessibility needs then it is likely that you have more expertise about what works for you than we could ever imagine, so please get in touch so we can discuss it.

We are aware of ableist gatekeeping, so above all else please do not be deterred from applying to the workshop because of our proposal to use Gather and Miro: we are willing and able to adapt, and want to accommodate access for all.