Greetings fellow Design Researchers!

Thanks for participating in this experimental murmuration.

On these pages we ask you to contribute your thoughts and ideas in the form of video, audio and/or text.

We kindly ask you to read the FAQ below...

If you're okay with it,
>>> proceed! <<<

If you don't agree, no problem, simply head
back to Gather Town
and/or don't leave a response.


What's going on here?

We are asking you to contribute your thoughts to this artwork via your computer, using audio, video, or text. We're doing this for the sake of culture, fun, entertainment, and intrigue in the subject of Design Research - but if you're worried about contributing your data for any reason, the safest thing to do is walk away... However, if you'd like to contribute but want some more information, read on...

Why are you asking to record me?

A key part of this contribution to the is about creating dialogue about the ideas in the Murmuration (which is all about 'Design Research'), our perspectives on it, and your ideas about it. So, for that reason we have provided the opportunity to record and share your thoughts with us, and with all the other 'starlings' in the murmuration - that is what this page is for!

Should I be concerned about my data?

Yes! but probably less than normal. We can't make many guarantees about what will happen to it, but what we can do is be transparent about what we know, and what we plan to do.

If you record video or audio on these pages your data is transferred to the servers of a company called Pipe. We can't vouch for them, but have no reason to believe they would do anything nasty with your data. Their servers are in the EU. If you choose text then the data goes via Jotform. In either case, once you submit the data, we will then incorporate it into this website and it will be publicly visible.

Want to delete a submission?

Please contact us via email - designresearchworks@lancaster.ac.uk

What will happen with it during the festival?

After you leave a contribution here, we will check it and manually add it to the site so everyone else can see it. We're doing this the old-school way, literally writing the code to put it on the website, so it may take a couple of hours (or more if we're sleeping). The site is public, so anyone could see it... so please bear that in mind!

What will happen with it after the festival?

Honestly - we don't really know! We wondered about deleting everything at some point to protect everyone's data, but then thought that could be a real shame to lose everything. We thought about putting everything together into a new film/video work, but thought that might be complicated and rife with data protection challenges we haven't had time to prepare for. So, honestly, we don't know. If that uncertainty is an issue, the safest thing is to not record anything.

If I submitted something I don't like can I delete it?

Yes, we will do our best to delete anything you change your mind about. Just email us at designresearchworks@lancaster.ac.uk and we will figure that out.

Can I ask a question?

Yes, of course, either email us, or go back to Gather Town and try to find Dave, Zach or Joe in there.. we will do our best to help.

Q: Please come and say 'hello'...

Why do you do research in the first place?

What will happen to my data?