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Human-Data Interaction Through Design

What happens after the workshop is finished?

Even though workshops are often wonderful even if they don’t have a legacy, we really do want to have an impact beyond the event itself.

HDI is a fledgling movement, and it responds to a very real need to develop ways to understand our relationship with data in a holistic manner. We really believe in the future of HDI, and that’s why we’re running the workshop in the first place.

Specific Outputs

We will use the materials generated during the workshop to produce a workshop report. In addition, and contingent on consensus among participants, we will propose a Special Issue of TOCHI around the topics discussed.

Networking opportunities

We are keen to bring together various communities and projects interested in HDI. These include:

Any ideas?

If you have a proposal, and idea, or something you’d like to propose for the workshop - let us know!

Remember, you can access the full proposal here.