What is Design Research Works?

Design Research Works is a UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship led by Dr Joseph Lindley.

Our mission is to show the world what it can gain from Design Research.

There are three key pillars to this mission.


Rigorous academic research is our foundation and will demonstrate how Design Research can play a key role in securing positive futures for emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.


Our work revolves around partnerships with world-leading organisatoins across a wide range of contexts, industries and sectors. If you’re interested in Design Research and would like to collaborate with us, then please do get in touch.


Building on the foundation of our research and partnerships, our aim is to strengthen the field and promote the beneficial role which Design Research can play in industry, research, education and policy… and beyond!

Our Work

Here is a selection of our projects, papers and initiatives.

Design Research Works

An introduction


A dynamic discussion about Design Research

Trust Me?

Trust in an age of automation

Understanding AI

Event at the Festival of Social Science

Ambiguity and Design Research

EAD conference contribution

Machine Learning vs Digital Portraiture

IASDR pictorial

This is not a paper

alt.chi conference contribution

Design Research Bot

An AI's view of Design Research

Uroborus Festival

Ways of Seeeing Design Research

Documenting Design Research

A video-making workshop


(Design) Research through Documentary

The Vision

Where we're coming from, and what we hope to achieve

  • Design Research is..

    Design Research is an amazingly powerful collection of tools, perspectives, methods, and epsitemologies. Design Research makes the best out of both art and science, it is excellent at dealing with fast-moving socio-technological challenges, like the impact of AI or the Internet of Things on our society.

  • The World is...

    Living in the 21st century means living in a complex, fast, globalised, digital, unequal, and technological environment. Since the industrial revolution we’ve made a brand new world, and now we need to figure out new ways to make sense of it.

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    We are Growing up..

    Because it is so adept at responding to the complexities of the modern world, Design Research has grown a lot. It’s used by tech companies, governments, and in Universities. But, the Design Research movement is still growing, and its methods are still maturing… so there is still work to do.

  • .. So, let's Grow Together

    And this is why Design Research Works exists. We want to show the world what it can gain from Design Research. We want to do that through amazing partnerships, with world-class research, and by contributing to community-centric leadership.

  • Design
    .. Works


This is our team and alumni

Dr Joseph Lindley

Principle Investigator & Research Fellow

Professor Andy Crabtree


Dr David Philip Green

Lead Researcher

Zach Mason

Doctoral Research Student

Professor Paul Coulton


Dr Claire Coulton

Project Co-ordinator

Design Researcher (TBC)


Design Researcher (TBC)

UX Designer/Developer

Visiting Researchers (TBC)


If you’d like to talk about working with us then please do get in touch


Working with other people is core to our strategy, here are some of our collaborators, partners, and stakeholders.

Contact Us

Feel free to get in touch with anyone in the team directly, or, if you prefer use this form.