QuBr: An Open-ended Discussion about Design Research

QuBr: An Open-ended Discussion about Design Research

NOTE: As of April 2023 QuBr has been archived. The project is still accessible, so please do visit it, but it is no longer interactive. Thanks for all your contributions!

QuBr (short for Question Bridge) is an open-ended discussion about Design Research. We originally launched QuBr as part of the Design Research Society’s Festival of Emergence and it was a development of our Interview Box project.

It was inspired by the interactive documentary project, Question Bridge, which pioneered the idea of sourcing questions from a community and posing those questions to others in the community as a way of exploring that community’s shared identity. QuBr has both been a research and engagement tool. It has allowed us to plot the breadth and depth of concerns and issues relevant to practicing Design Researchers.

Although QuBr exists as an online resource, we also ran a live action version of it as a Conversation at the DRS 2022 conference around the theme of Communicating the Value of Design Research.

During 2023 we will archive QuBr. At that point it will remain accessible, but we will stop adding new contributions. For the meantime, however, please do go and contribute by responding to questions and adding your own questions to the system.