A film about Design Research

Permission to Muck About was lovingly crafted between 2021-2024. It is the culmination of hundreds of hours of workshops and interviews, conversations and explorations and all kinds of other digressions.

The film’s aim echoes the mission of Design Research Works: To show the world what it can gain from Design Research.

Ways to view it

The version of the film in the player is broken into chapters and runs for around 2 hours in total.

We have also made a 60 minute version which you can view over here - most of the film is the same, but it leaves out Chapter 5 (which is made up of these short vignettes each showcasing a different Design Research project.)

Can I use this?

Yes! Anyone and everyone is free to use the film - screen it, debate it, share it, study it, incorporate it into your own projects. We hope the film will spark conversations, wake up enquiring minds, and really help us to move forward with holistic, robust, and nuanced ways of using understanding the world around us through all kinds of design and practice.

A huge thanks to David Philip Green who led the production and did the vast majority of the work behind the remarkable feat that is Permission to Muck About.

Also much gratitude to the huge array of people that made this possible - THANK YOU.