Dr Joseph Lindley

Dr Joseph Lindley

Joe leads Design Research Works and is a Senior Research Fellow at Lancaster University.

He is passionate about the value of Design Research, in particular in applying that value to the challenges associated with emerging technologies, rapid societal change, and living sustainably.

Probably best described as a ‘generalist’ his research practice usually involves material engagements with possible futures.

What has AI got to do with free speech?

In this article for The Conversation we explore why the Responsible AI Licensing project might help protect something as important as free speech


An interactive installation playing with shadows and AI

Two and a half terms later

An open discussion about generative AI in Universities

Productive Oscillation as a strategy for doing more-than-human design research

Exploring strategies for multidimensional more-than-human practice

Drones and Beyond Human Environments

Unlocking drone visions using design fiction

Generative AI Whitepaper

What, if any, challenges does generative AI pose to design education? And what should we do about them?

How science inspires art and art inspires science (?)

Panel session for the Young Academy of Europe

AI Summit North West

Exploring how Creative Industries in the North West of England are journeying through the new AI landscape

Putting design research to work

New book chapter in Flourish by Design exploring the mysterious case of design's future disappearance

Design Research Society Conference Special Track

Inviting submissions to a special track on the subject of More-Than-Human Design in Practice, for the 2024 edition of the Design Research Society conference

Designing Technology for More-Than-Human Futures

Book chapter co-authored with Paul Coulton appearing in Routledge Companion to Design Research (2nd ed.)

Implications of Generative AI on Higher Education Assessment and Design Research

This short paper reports on work conducted at Lancaster University to explore the impact of generative AI on education assessments as well as on Design Research practice

Economist Babbage Podcast: What if generative AI destroys biometric security?

Appearing on the Economist's tech podcast to discuss the design issues arising from the security implications of generative AI

Beyond Academic Publication: Alternative Outcomes of Research

Call for Participation: workshop exploring diverse research outcomes and situated knowledge

UbiFix Workshop: Tackling Repairability Challenges

Call for Participation: workshop tackling repairability challenges in smart devices

Is data a 'design material' - maybe knots have the answer

We contributed this collection of poetry to a CHI workshop exploring the materiality of data as a design material

Lab Engagement: Edinburgh Design Informatics

Fieldwork trip in Scotland visiting the Institute for Design Informatics - a collaboration between Edinburgh College of Art and University of Edinburgh

Trust as a distributed concern

Part of work funded by the Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub, this paper introduces the idea of 'Trust as a Distributed Concern' as a way of conceptualising issues of Trust in the context of autonomous computer systems

Advancing ethical review practices for AI research

This article, organised by Partnership on AI, explores how ethical review processes may help to mitigate the potential harms and unintended consequences arising from AI research

Lab Engagement: OpenLab and Northumbria School of Design

Fieldwork trip in the North East of the UK visiting both Newcastle University's interaction design group OpenLab and Northumbria School of Design

Conversation Paper: Notes on Communicating the Value of Design Research

A summary and writeup of the conversation we hosted at the Design Research Society's 2022 conference in Bilbao

Lab Engagement: The Oslo School of Architecture and Design

A week long fieldwork trip to Oslo to visit the Centre for Design Research

RNIB Connect Radio Appearance

Appearing on the Royal National Institute for the Blind Radio discussing the the Seeing with Sound project with host David Hogg

Interaction Design and Architectures Journal: 'Meet the Authors' Video

This is a video recorded for a 'Meet the Authors' session relating to a Special Issue of the Interaction Design and Architectures Journal. It gives a quick overview of our paper in the issue.

Lab Engagement: Eindhoven University of Technology

The second of our back-to-back visits in the Netherlands took us to TU Eindhoven

Lab Engagement: Delft University of Technology

This lab engagement took us to TU Delft in the Netherlands

Lab Engagement: University of Washington, Seattle

Our international lab engagements take us to Seattle to explore the teaching and research culture around Design Research at the University of Washington

Lab Engagement: Simon Fraser University, Vancouver

For the first of our international lab engagement series we visited Vancouver's Simon Fraser University to run workshops, give presentations, and conduct interviews with two prominent research groups

Near Future Lab Podcast Appearnce: A 21st Century Enlightenment?

A podcast where we discuss ways to bridge the gap between academic and non-academic Design Research... and how that relates to a '21st Century Enlightenment'

Podcast: Design Fiction and the Generalist

Appearing the Near Future Laboratory Podcast with Julian Bleecker

Communicating the Value of Design Research

A Conversation session hosted at the Design Research Society's 2022 conference in Bilbao

Podcast: Can AI be Ethical?

Appearing on the Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub's Podcast series discussing AI and ethics

More-than-Human: A creative fuel, or short-term fad for design?

Panel discussion at Design Research Society's 2022 conference in Bilbao

Fixing the Future: The Right to Repair + Equal-IoT

New £1.2m project engaging with technology and the right to repair

Trust me? I'm an autonomous machine

Pump-Priming project in association with the EPSRC Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub

The Ultimate Measure of Success for Speculative Design (or Design Research, period) is to Disappear Completely

In this article we argue that once we don't have to explain the value of Design Research approaches like Speclative Design, then the project will have succeeded

What is an AI's view of the Design Research landscape?

Twitter bot that responds with views about the world of Design Research.

Making Design Research Funny at Bright Club

Trying my hand at stand up comedy? Whatever could go wrong! (Contains lots of bad language, so watch with discretion)

The Revolution Will (Sort of) Be Televised

In this Design Informatics Webinar Joe and Dave discuss the high levels if Design Research Works.

Room For Improvement in Video Conferencing 'Space'

A paper published at the Association of Internet Researchers Conference disucussing the future of video conferencing

An Experimental Murmuration at Uroborus Festival

Where to start with this? A crazy paper, rejected by reviewers, has second life at Czech design festival via Gather Town? I think that about covers it.

The World's First Paper That is Not a Paper

This contribution to the ever-popular alternative track at the Human Factors in Computing Conference (alt.CHI) offers a novel lens on what the future of conferences could be.

Uncanny AI: How to Spot a Mutant Algorithm

A paper and interactive event at the Economic and Social Research Councils Festival of Social Science