Design Research Works is a UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship led by Dr Joseph Lindley.

Our mission is to show the world what it can gain from Design Research.

We aim to achieve that through community-focused research and leadership. This short video (produced 2020) gives an overview of the broader motivation of Design Research Works.

What is a UKRI Future Leader Fellowship?

The Future Leaders Fellowship (FLF) scheme is aims to foster, retain and attract talented researchers and innovators in the UK. Uniquely, it offers long-term and flexible support for fellows to tackle ambitious or risky research programmes, multidisciplinary questions, and address new or emerging areas and partnerships.

In the case of Design Research Works we want to strengthen the foundations for the next generation of Design Research. The core principle is a belief that the world at large could benefit a little more from the value that Design Research can offer. We are attempting to produce the evidence to support this position and then using that evidence to promote Design Research in its broadest sense.

What is the strategy?

Design Research Works has a grass-roots strand and a meta strand.

The two strands are trying to work together to fulfil our mission: to show the world what it can gain from Design Research.