Lab Engagement: Eindhoven University of Technology

This leg of the our lab engagements took us to Eindhoven University of Technology’s Industrial Design department (and after that the launch of Dutch Design Week 2022).

Day 1

On day 1 we had several meetings and captured and interview with Dan Lockton.

Day 2

On day two we recorded Doenja Oogjes talking - among other things - about her amazing work with looms, we followed up by recording a sun-soaked interview with Kristina Andersen.

Day 3

Our third day in Eindhoven was the opening day of Dutch Design Week 2022, we attended all the Klokgebouw halls (including see our own Jesse Josua Benjamin’s work being exhibited at Design United) and then the nearby Manifestations exhibition.

Day 4

On our last day in Eindhoven we went to the flying-saucer-like Evoluon building to attend the retro futures exhibition - celebrating humanity’s obsession with the future - before heading to the Design Academy’s apparently never-ending exhibition. Finally… we went home(!)

Written by

Dr Joseph Lindley

Joe leads Design Research Works and is a Senior Research Fellow at Lancaster University. He is passionate about the value of Design Research, in particular in applying that value to the challenges associated with emerging technologies, rapid societal change, and living sustainably. Probably best described as a 'generalist' his research practice usually involves material engagements with possible futures.