Starting in September 2022 we will be embarking up on a series of Lab Engagements (the videos above are a daily video diary of the engagement series across multiple labs, cities, and countries). The series will contribute to establishing a body of evidence based on leading practice-based Design Research from across the globe.

The engagement visits will feed into two key initiatives, including a series of films relating to the world of Design Research, and a study asking the what role a Design Research Observatory or Repository could play in strengthening and widening the impact of Design Research? Both of these outputs be major parts of the ‘meta strand’ of Design Research Works’ output.

If you’d like to talk to us about the initiative then please do get in touch.

Extract from lab engagement invitation

Written by

Dr Mayane Dore

May is an interdisciplinary researcher working across design and anthropology. She is interested in the ways in which both areas can work together as world-making processes toward just and sustainable futures. As part of her work in Design Research Work, she explores the concept of an 'Atlas' for the world of Research through Design, while also capturing the values and everyday practices of thinking through making.