Telling the tales of Design Research

Ways of doing documentary research: research into, for and through documentary

It is more valuable than ever to tell stories about research (including design research) in ways that connect with various different audiences, from the general public to funders and from publication venues to our peers. Documenting research is, thus, both an art and a science; there is plenty of scope for creativity, as well as quantified standards of good practice.

In this 1-day workshop, developed exclusively for PETRAS IoT researchers, we used an example-led approach to explore the breadth of approaches to research documentary-making by outlining some core principles of good research storytelling (story / narrative / audience) as well as practical considerations - from storyboarding and sound recording to using stock footage and choosing the right social media platform.

For more information, or if you are interested in gaining access to the workshop materials contact me.

Written by

Dr David Philip Green

Dave is a Senior Research Associate on the project. He is a Design Researcher with a background in participatory documentary making and Human Computer Interaction. His core role on in Design Research Works is to produce a series of documentary films relating to the world of Design Research.