Lab Engagement: Edinburgh Design Informatics

This was the very last of our lab engagement trips and it took us to Edinburgh to visit the Institute for Design Informatics.

Day 1

We began with a lunchtime talk introducing the project before proceeding to run an adapted version of our research workshop - this time complete with ‘red pills’ and ‘blue pills’ for participants.

Day 2

On a super busy day 2 we had both formal and informal interviews with several members of the Design Informatics team including Pushpi Bagchi, Anna Talley, Larissa Pschetz, John Vines, Chris Elsden, Martin Disley and founder of the group Chris Speed.

Day 3

On Day 3 - the final day of our final lab engagement conducted several more interviews including with John Morrison and Alexandrew Colle before having lunch with our principal investigator on Fixing the Future, Lachlan Urquhart, and finally spending some time as a research team to reflect on what we’ve achieved (and what is left to do!)

Overview film

Finally… Dave has beautifully cut together all of the 30 daily diary films from across our lab engagements. It’s been quite a few months. Now the hard work of sense making begins!

Written by

Dr Joseph Lindley

Joe leads Design Research Works and is a Senior Research Fellow at Lancaster University. He is passionate about the value of Design Research, in particular in applying that value to the challenges associated with emerging technologies, rapid societal change, and living sustainably. Probably best described as a 'generalist' his research practice usually involves material engagements with possible futures.