MozFest and the Ethical Dilemma Cafe

MozFest and the Ethical Dilemma Cafe

We exhibited several Design Research projects at the Mozilla Foundation’s Ethical Dilemma Cafe 2022, each of them exploring different aspects of how we what it means to be digital citizens in the 21st century.

The Entoptic Media Camera had it’s first outing in an actual photo booth. The camera uses generative adversarial networks to expose the linkages and lenses between our physical world and the un-seeable AI world’s inside algorithms. You can read more about it here.

Photo of Photobooth

Our Trust me? (I’m an autonomous machine) project (sponsored by the TAS hub) demonstrated it’s research and engagement tool The Shape of Trust. This project builds on the concept of ‘Trust as a Distributed Concern’ and provides a tool that allows participants to create a shape, unique to them which serves as s Trust Fingerprint. The image below is a screenshot from the Shape of Trust tool.

Screenshot from Trust tool

Written by

Jesse Josua Benjamin

Research Associate