Lab Engagement: Simon Fraser University, Vancouver

Kicking off our lab engagement series we recently arrived in Vancouver. Despite the packed schedule, we made it through the week. Dave has been keeping a video diary of the trip, which kind of tells the story.

Day 0

We began in London just catching some of our projects being featured at the V&A as part of London Digital Design Weekend, after an early start we made it across the pond.

Day 1

Ron Wakkary gave us an excellent tour of the School of Interactive Arts & Technology at Simon Fraser University before giving us a candid and detailed interview about the Everyday Design Studio and its work.

Day 2

Back at the Everyday Design Studio on Day 2, we used their wonderful space to run our first workshop aimed at exploring the potential utility and possibilities of an ‘Atlas for Research through Design’ - more on this to come in the near future.

Day 3

The third day took us into Will Odom’s Homeware Lab, getting to know their work, their research products, and their team - and interviewing Will.

Day 4

We concluded our visit in Vancouver by sitting in on a project meeting and capturing a range of footage relating to various Homeware Lab projects, that will feature in our forthcoming series of films.

Next week… we’ll be at the University of Washington in Seattle with Audrey Desjardins, James Pierce, and Daniela Rosner.

Written by

Dr Joseph Lindley

Joe leads Design Research Works and is a Senior Research Fellow at Lancaster University. He is passionate about the value of Design Research, in particular in applying that value to the challenges associated with emerging technologies, rapid societal change, and living sustainably. Probably best described as a 'generalist' his research practice usually involves material engagements with possible futures.