Zach Mason

Zach Mason

Zach is a doctoral research student attached to Design Research Works. He has a bachelor’s degree in Interaction Design from Glasgow School of Art and his research investigates Accessible Design for Virtual Spaces. His current project explores the co-design of a, working with blind and visually impaired people through workshops aiming to highlight the need for better accessibility in games and spatial web environments.

Seeing With Sound... Presentation at DiGRA

DiGRA presentation on 'Seeing with sound'

Play at Work: Design Research Society Conference Presentation

Paper documenting our experince of using and creating Gather Town to create shared spaces

'Seeing with sound' Lancaster University's VC's Prize for Participatory Research

In December 2021 we were awarded the Vice-Chancellor's Prize for Participatory Research for a project exploring audio-only games with blind and partially sighted gamers.

Work, Talk, or Play... Presentation at CHI

Workshop paper and talk exploring what embodiment means for humans participating in shared virtual spaces