Lab Engagement: Delft University of Technology

Our first European lab engagement took us to the Netherlands, starting with Delft University of Technology where we were wonderfully hosted by Ioahanna Nicenboim and all the members of StudioLab.

Day 1

On day 1 we headed to Rotterdam and interviewed Elisa Giaccardi before heading back to Delft.

Day 2

A busy day 2 began with a full tour of StudioLab thanks to Aadjan van der Helm and Ianus Keller. Later we bagged an interview with Iohanna, met Abhigyan Singh to discuss Research through Design Anthropology, and had an impromptu whisky tasting with Dave Murray-Rust.

Day 3

On day we visited Royal Delft and recorded several interviews with faculty members and also Anne Arzberger about her gender fluid children’s toys.

Day 4

Our final (busy!) day in Delft began with our research workshop (exploring the notion of an ‘Atlas’ for Design Research), next we moved on to a lecture on Why the World needs Design Research, before finishing off with a filmed interview with the amazing Peter Jan Stappers. Finally we hopped on a train to Eindhoven to begin the next lab engagement.

Written by

Dr Joseph Lindley

Joe leads Design Research Works and is a Senior Research Fellow at Lancaster University. He is passionate about the value of Design Research, in particular in applying that value to the challenges associated with emerging technologies, rapid societal change, and living sustainably. Probably best described as a 'generalist' his research practice usually involves material engagements with possible futures.