Five Contributions at DRS 2024!

Contributions at the Design Research Society Conference 2024

Best Paper Award for Ryelands AI Lab

Our project exploring AI curriculum with 7-8 year olds wins a best paper award at the Designing Interactive Systems conference

5 Levels of Design Research

Exploring Design Research at 5 increasing levels of complexity

Responsible AI Licences Generator

The Responsible AI Licences (RAIL) initative tries to use the licensing system to help developers share their innovations responsibly

Research through Design as a 'Rapid Response Methodology'

Workshop paper speculating about the meta role of Research through Design and Design Research

Shadowplay Installation at Electromagnetic Field Camp

Exhibiting our live interactive Shadowplay installation to over 3000 people at Electromagnetic Field Camp

Responding to Generative AI with Research through Design

Exploring how creating AI curriculum highlights a unique strength of Research through Design