Economist Babbage Podcast: What if generative AI destroys biometric security?

Appearing on the Economist's tech podcast to discuss the design issues arising from the security implications of generative AI

Ways of seeing design research: A polyphonic speculation

In this paper we discuss six speculative designs that all explore the challenge of representing the broad corpus of Design Research in the form of an interactive data repository.

Ryelands AI Lab: Collaboration with a Lancaster Primary School on Generative AI

We designed and deployed six lessons on Generative AI for a local primary school.

Paper on the AI-driven Entoptic Field Camera

We presented a paper at this year's CHI conference on Human Factors in Computing

Beyond Academic Publication: Alternative Outcomes of Research

Call for Participation: workshop exploring diverse research outcomes and situated knowledge

UbiFix Workshop: Tackling Repairability Challenges

Call for Participation: workshop tackling repairability challenges in smart devices

Is data a 'design material' - maybe knots have the answer

We contributed this collection of poetry to a CHI workshop exploring the materiality of data as a design material