Paper on the AI-driven Entoptic Field Camera

We presented a paper at this year's CHI conference on Human Factors in Computing

Beyond Academic Publication: Alternative Outcomes of Research

Call for Participation: workshop exploring diverse research outcomes and situated knowledge

UbiFix Workshop: Tackling Repairability Challenges

Call for Participation: workshop tackling repairability challenges in smart devices

Is data a 'design material' - maybe knots have the answer

We contributed this collection of poetry to a CHI workshop exploring the materiality of data as a design material

Archiving the QuBr Project

The end of an era? Perhaps, but QuBr lives on

Lab Engagement: Edinburgh Design Informatics

Fieldwork trip in Scotland visiting the Institute for Design Informatics - a collaboration between Edinburgh College of Art and University of Edinburgh

Trust as a distributed concern

Part of work funded by the Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub, this paper introduces the idea of 'Trust as a Distributed Concern' as a way of conceptualising issues of Trust in the context of autonomous computer systems